Code of issuing/Code de l’Etat: AUS

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 27 AUG 1989

Sex/Sexe: F

Midway through my final year of studying journalism at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, I was offered a cadetship at a rural Fairfax newspaper in Launceston, Tasmania. Which is perfect, right? Just what an about-to-be-graduated student hopes for. Right?

Maybe I should have said yes. But instead I went to Peru. Via LA. Then stopped off in Mexico on my way to London before getting lost in the Irish Sea, on a tiny rock called the Isle of Man. I made great friends but started to get restless so I set off again – this time with the Flying Manxman in tow and the added plus of an awesome boss who’s going to let me carry on working a few days a month (keep a finger in the pie and all that).

Not in the least, OneCuriousPlanet is a good way to assure the family I’m alive, not hospitalised (most of the time) and haven’t run away to the jungle to live with Pandas (yet).


Code of issuing/Code de l’Etat: ISLE OF MAN

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 6 JUN 1986

Sex/Sexe: M

4 thoughts on “Who

  1. awesome blog!!! I just discovered it but will be sure to read weekly….sounds like u are having an amazing time!!!!

    • Hahaha, the blog is great – I might be asking you for tips when it comes to my road trip around Europe!

      Still writing… but holding off publishing about the Isle of Man for the moment. They out number me and some of my opinions of Manx Red Tape are not exactly flattering :)

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