China, Chapter Two: Luoyang

Very, very early in the morning on the 1st of September we checked out of our Beijing hostel and grabbed a taxi to the train station. That’s where we found our way onto our first Chinese sleeper train: hard beds stacked three high with just enough room between the mattress and the ceiling to roll […]

China, Chapter One: Beijing

We’ve been out of China for 10¬†days. Long enough for a weekend in Hong Kong, a night in Halong Bay and plenty of time on planes and trains to reflect on everything that happened in the “Middle Kingdom”. The best way I can think to describe it is that it’s like being set up with […]

One day in Hiroshima

Another day, another train journey. We packed up, settled in and the next thing we knew a tram was trundling us through a city just like any other on the way to our hostel. Hiroshima really does look like any other city – until you see the A-Bomb Dome. For obvious reasons, this visit was […]