Hong Kong Highlights

As soon as we walked through immigration we were on a train heading for the heart of Hong Kong City. Everything anyone has ever said about it being a crowded, smelly, busy, sense-overloading, space-deprived place is true. Our £22 per night hotel was big enough for an (almost) double bed, enough floor space for our […]

China, Chapter Four: Chengdu

Having planned on on spending a few days in Tibet, we ended up spending a week in Chengdu waiting for our flights to Guilin. Turns out applying for the special Tibet permit a week in advance when you have a degree in journalism isn’t the best way to get permission to go there. It started […]

China, Chapter Three: Xi’an

Our first night in Xi’an it rained. But it didn’t matter. Because there was a help-yourself hotpot restaurant next door where we sat and had endless meat and vegetables in bottomless pots of boiling broth with beer and walked away having paid about £5 all up. Food ended up being a major part of our […]