When in Peru…

Not very much time, just a quick post to say got to Peru safely and about to start the tour! Wifi seems to be pretty much non existent but our tour guide, David, has said there will be internet cafes at the major cities we go to… Does mean there wont be any photos till […]

Precisely Two Photos

Warning! This post contains information my Mother may not want to hear… Some photos! Sorry I didn’t put them up yesterday, so many people using free hostel wifi that it wouldn’t work. Both photos were taken on our way to the hostel from LAX… In an old black Merc with the top down. One very […]

First Flight

I’m tired. I smell bad. I’m lying on a bunk scraping my head on the curve of the mattress above me where Jordan’s lying. But. We are here! After a lovely early morning in Melbourne we sat at our departure gate for THREE HOURS LONGER than estimated boarding time because the plane had to reload […]

Introducing… One Curious Planet

Hello everyone! So, Jordan and I set off on Tuesday. That’s four days from today. I think it’s fair to say we’re both mildly terrified. On the Pre-Departure tab there’s a link called loose ends. I keep having nightmares about loose ends I’ve forgotten but I never remember them when I wake up! So if […]