13 Hours in Singapore

I love Singapore. It’s been one of my favourite cities since I was 15 and stopped there for a few days on a group school exchange trip to Thailand. It’s hot and clean and easy to navigate and the food is amazing.

Singapore did not disappoint the second time around.

I’d looked on the Changi Airport website a few days before and knew that there were free city tours run for people on transit so I had it in my head to sign up for that, although I didn’t know where to go. It didn’t matter! The signup station was at the most sensible place – where the arrivals corridor met the transit lobby. Then it was a short walk down the hall to the counter where they give you a wifi password, which is just in front of the counter where they were giving away $20 vouchers for transit passengers to spend in the airport, which was right next to free calf/foot massage chairs, which were at the bottom of the escalator going to the snooze lounge, which was right next to the butterfly garden.

Singapore: the best kind of paperwork

Did I mention that I love Singapore?

Leigh had a nap while I had a wander, then we went to meet our tour group at 11:30. An hour or so driving around the city with a quick stop by the merlion and our tour guide listing all the reasons that Singapore is fabulous and why we should return to see Singapore itself, not just stop on our way to somewhere else. Like I needed convincing.


When we got back to the airport we had some lunch, amassage and a wander, then I caught the end of Frozen and the start of Mandela in the free movie theatre. We cashed in our airport vouchers for two hours in the Ambassador Lounge, where I had possibly the best shower of my life (every shower after a long haul flight is the best shower of my life, especially if there are free toiletries involved) followed by some buffet food, a little work and possibly the worst wifi connection in the entire airport (it couldn’t all be good).

Then all of a sudden, we were on a plane again. But we will be back for a proper visit soon!

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